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It is obvious. It is urgent.

Because statements matter less than action, we simply want to make it clear that we are open to invitation and direction from black leadership on ways we can use our skill set and infrastructure to support the ongoing work of the movement to defend black lives.

All inquiries can be sent here

May we be free from all forms suffering and oppression. May we be or service to the spiritual and social liberation of all beings.


Vipassana Hawai‘i offers a variety of programs aligned with Buddhist Theravadic teachings in Hawai‘i, the US mainland, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, we provide a diverse range of practice opportunities throughout the year. Click through to learn more about us, or to join our Hawai‘i sangha online for our Sunday sittings.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most in-person programs for this year have been cancelled. Please check in for updates to our online offerings.

O‘ahu Sangha Sunday Sitting @ Bodhi Tree
May 13 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

5:00 – 5:45 – Silent Sitting Meditation

5:45 – 6:30 – Dhamma talk, sharing reflections and practice experiences, questions, and answers.

IMG_3838Weekly mindfulness meditation practice for beginners through seasoned practitioners. This session is free and open to the public and no advanced registration is needed. Voluntary donations to the temple will be gratefully accepted.

Our location for the Bodhi Tree is 654 North Judd Street, Honolulu. Please note there are several flights of stairs up to the facility. For driving directions please view this map.

June Abiding in the Wild: Nurturing Love, Awareness, and the Heart’s Deep Release @ Jungle Yoga, Thailand
Jun 12 @ 10:00 am – Jun 22 @ 9:00 am
Deeper than Birth, Life, and Death: honoring the cycles of life and releasing from their grip. @ The Bodhi Tree
Nov 3 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Deeper than Birth, Life, and Death: honoring the cycles of life and releasing from their grip.

With Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Bodhi Tree, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Our relationship to the cycles of existence are reflected in the arising and passing of each moment, of each breath. Reflection on arising, on being, and on death are some of the most important meditation practices encouraged by the Buddha. Join Jesse for a day-long meditation retreat, dedicated mostly to silent practice, where we will take time to explore our relationship to these realities and learn to find peace within their fluctuations.

We will create a collective altar in honor of our loved ones who have passed away. Please bring small photographs or objects of remembrance to help us build this sacred space together. We will take special time at the end of the day to attune to our capacity to share the goodness and force of all that has passed before us toward all that is yet to come.

Lunch will be pot-luck style and we invite all participants to contribute a dish that is a reflection of their personal histories or cultural heritage.

The Seven Factors of Enlightenment @ Lanai Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, Lanai, HI
Nov 9 @ 4:00 pm – Nov 11 @ 12:00 pm

A weekend Vipassana Meditation Retreat with Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey 

Lanai Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, Lanai, HI

November 9 – 11, 2018

(Friday evening to Sunday at noon)

Join Buddhist teacher Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey for a weekend retreat on the wonderful island of Lanai. The 7 Factors of Enlightenment (bojjhanga) are mental qualities repeatedly emphasized by the Buddha as essential to the process of liberation of the heart and mind. Mindfulness, Investigation, Energy, Rapture, Calm, Concentration, and Equanimity each play important roles in the process of insight and as a group, they also serve to support one another in skillful balance. Join Jesse for a weekend vipassana meditation retreat, held in silence, where we will explore the many ways of understanding and encouraging these qualities can strengthen our practice.

Evening talks are free and open to the public.