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MettaDana and Kyaswa Retreat update

Dear Friends,

Aloha and Big Thank You’s from all of us from the Kyaswa Fusion Retreat and the MettaDana Project! 

We are joyful that this year marked the 20th anniversary of our annual retreat at Kyaswa Monastery and of the community development programs funded by the MettaDana Project. 

We had a terrific year for both the retreat and MettaDana. Since it’s not always easy to convey the depth and breadth of our thanks in words, we wanted to share some images that we hope will convey the unique quality of our time there as a way of expressing our gratitude to those who support these programs and to others who may be interested in joining in the future!

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Retreat Schedule for Spring 2015


Dear Dhamma Friends,

Vipassana Hawai‘i and its teachers are offering a number of exciting retreats this spring andsummer that we hope you will consider attending!

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Wonderful opportunity to practice with Michele McDonald and Jesse Maceo Vega Frey

Experience seven days practicing Metta (unconditional love and kindness) and Vipassana (insight) meditation, followed by seven days of cultivating mindfulness, on beautiful Cortes Island, British Columbia, at the Hollyhock Centre.

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Register now for week long retreat “Seeing Clearly – Living Harmoniously”

A seven day Vipassana Meditation Retreat led by Grahame White

Dates April 24- 30, 2015


Learning Vipassana meditation is perhaps the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others. Vipassana is concerned primarily with the cultivation of awareness and understanding. Awareness so that we can see our mind more clearly and understanding so we can know what is useful and what is not useful for us to experience a deep harmonious, relationship with ourselves and the world we inhabit.

This retreat is designed to be suitable for beginners to meditation and also as a refresher for seasoned meditators. We will be practicing in the beautiful, relaxed atmosphere of the Palolo Zen Centre, Honolulu Hawaii.